Featured: Top 5 Android Soccer Manager Games

There are lots of soccer (or for those of you in Europe, football) manager games out there, looking at all mobile and desktop computer platforms of course. We're talking only Android soccer manager games today though. When men (and women who appreciate the sport) watch soccer we tend to argue with the TV and the people around us, at least that's what happens in my case and my friends tend to do the same thing. It's the same no matter which sport we're talking about, you get so sucked into the action that you just lose all sense of decency in certain moments. Take soccer for an example, at certain moments you just want to jump in there and either show the player(s) how to do their job or make some changes as coach / manager considering before a particular player does any more damage. It's just the way it is with soccer (and lots of other sports) and that's why people love it so much. Well, you can't exactly play the game for them nor can you act as a manager in real life, but you can via manager games. So, here's our top 5 picks.


5) PES Manager

This is Konami's game. Most of you reading this have probably played Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), one of the most popular soccer games on consoles as well as PCs. Well, Konami actually has a soccer manager game for Android, for those of you who didn't know. The game offers a lot of content, though it could be better designed to be honest. The UI is kinda clunky, but the game sure is lots of fun. A buddy of mine is actually kind of hooked to it, he's on his smartphone all the time managing his team and what not. The game contains over 1500+ real life players in a form of player badges within the game. You can win players via various contests in the game. Develop players and watch them play 3D matches on your Android device amongst other features. The game is free to play though it contains in-app purchases, also note that it is compatible with ARM-based devices only and it requires your device to sport at least 1GB of RAM in order to play it.


4) Total Football Manager

Total Football manager has licensed players from 40+ countries all over the world. Create your own club and you'll be on the way. The game is free to play though it also offers in-app purchases. You can access it from your computer as well if you'd like. The game offers a lot of customization and you can challenge players all over the world to test your manager skills. Total Football Manager still needs some polishing and everything, but it's still a decent experience for those of you who are looking for a soccer football manager.


3) Goal Football Manager

This game is the only one on this list which doesn't offer in-app purchases. This game offers lots of options as well. From arranging tactics and competing with people all around the world to a relatively detailed training options and scouting for new young talents. You can even manage your team's stadium. The game is available in 9 languages and the UI is alright, nothing spectacular but it does the job as it should. Finances and player transfers are also included of course. The game is free in the Google Play Store.


2) Football Manager Handheld 2014

Those of you who read this probably love soccer manager games. Going by that logic, you've probably played or at least heard of Football Manager. I'm not talking about Football Manager Handheld but a PC version of that game which is one of the most played soccer manager games around. Well, this is a mobile version of that game and it's great. For those of you who are looking for a more serious game with tons of options this will do just fine I believe. Transfers, tactics, live matches, scouting, training, etc. There are lots of details in all aspects of the game and Sega really did a great job with Football Manager Handheld 2014. The game runs just fine though the price might put you off, in order to play it you'll have to part with $9,99, which is a lot for an Android game. If you really love soccer manager games and need something that will keep you entertained for a long time, this might be the thing for you and worth the money you'll splash out for it.


1) Top Eleven

The last, but not the least game on our list is Top Eleven. This is one of those games you've just got to try out if you love soccer manager games. We would say the same thing for FMH 2014 if it didn't cost as much. This game is on the other hand free though it supports in-app purchases. Over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and a great set of features which include all the basics and some more in-depth options. Tactics, transfers, training... and everything we've mentioned for the games above is available here as well. You can also access your game from your  computer. As I said, if you're looking for a soccer manager game, take Top Eleven for a spin and see if you like it.

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