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Here at Android Headlines, we're no stranger to products from Limefuel and while the company makes a battery pack for pretty much every need - including one with four USB ports no less - this rugged offering is the one for those who like to get outdoors and don't want one more piece of technology to look after like a baby. The Limefuel Rugged is a 15,000 mAh portable battery and will just two devices at 2.0A a piece, with a max output to one device at 2.4A. It's a quick charger and it's one that will happily take a beating as well. It's IP66 certified which means it's certified against water, dust as well as shocks, too. Long story short, you can drop the Limefuel Rugged from a small height, drop it into water, take it to the beach (or the desert) and it'll still be there to refuel your precious tech.

Clearly something for those keen to get out and about, this 15,000 mAh battery is fairly chunky, but it's certainly not weighty and only comes in at 365g. Limefuel also include a velcro strap with a carabiner on it to fix it to your bag while hiking or if you want, you can thread whatever strap you choose through the loop provided at the bottom of the casing. As battery packs go, this is one hardy battery. I threw this thing into a few walls, got it plenty wet and generally treated it like a pebble, rather than a piece of technology. Happily, it never cared once and continued to work for a long time after taking numerous beatings. I took this thing to Greece for two weeks and it was excellent, I used it to charge my tablet and smartphone at night more than a few times as the outlets in Greece won't well laid out in our apartment. To keep tabs on how much juice you left, there's a fairly simple touch-sensitive button that you hit. This then displays how much battery you have left in flashing quarters.


If I'm honest, I didn't find this too helpful, but I can understand why the same precise display from the LP150X isn't included here. It's perfectly serviceable, but I keep on questioning how precise it is. My only other complaint is that a 15,000 mAh battery like this takes a long time to fill up. Of course, this isn't a Limefuel problem, but it's no less annoying and even charging it using a 2 Amp wall wart (the best I had to hand) it took a long time to charge. Put it on overnight before you leave for a trip though, and you'll have days worth of juice ready to hit the road with you.


In the box, you get the strap we discussed earlier as well as a nice, flat microUSB cable with built-in cable management (as well as a microUSB-to-lightning adaptor for your iPhone-toting "friends"). I have a few of these lying around and they're great for packing a bag full of tech, they're nice and easy to wrap up and they never tangle, making them quick and easy to charge things up. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how portable the LX150R is for something that looks more like a weapon than a battery pack and the 15,000 capacity is large enough to charge tablets and smartphones a few times over. You can take a look at more photos in the gallery below and head on over to Limefuel's own website for more info, as well as purchase your own from Amazon.

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