Featured Review: Limefuel Blast L156X Pro(15,600mAh)Battery Pack


Limefuel makes some pretty great battery accessories, so when I found out they would be sending us over some cool gear to help charge our devices, naturally I was delighted. I have personally had many run-ins with the Limefuel stuff before, although prior to just a few months ago it was their earlier gear, the Limeade packs which were their first edition accessories. They were great then, they're pretty great now, and just at the beginning of July I was graced with my very own Limefuel pack(the L130X)and I had been using it everywhere. Once I received the L156X Pro I knew that I would be excited to test it out and really see just how well it could hold up to all the devices I have lying around. Suffice it to say it has done a wonderful job.

AH Limefuel L156X Pro


The Limefuel L156X Pro is a beefier battery pack than their standard models, as it features just a little bit more juice for charging a little bit of a few more devices or, depending on the battery size, another device to full charge thanks to the 15,600 mAh as opposed to the model I had been using before which houses just 13,000 mAh. In addition to the extra battery power that it's packing it also houses two more USB ports than the L130X model. All four USB ports also charge devices extremely fast thanks to the full speed charging of the intelligent output ports, which are all 5V/2.4A. You can also charge the L156X Pro while you're charging devices due to the pass-through charging. The Limefuel pack itself also charges quickly with the speed charging 2A input, and I have actually found it to charge faster than other packs, as well as charge devices faster than other packs that I have used.

AH Limefuel L156X Pro 1.4

Charging time of the Limefuel pack itself takes about 9-16 hours according to the specifications, I found it to be right around there although for me it charged right under 9. Some of the more practical features of the device, are the built in flash light of course just like every single Limefuel product, and the rubberized outer coating that you'll find on all of the Blast packs that come in the black color, which can help with grip and protection a little bit. It's small enough to fit in most back pockets, so if you play Ingress like I do, it can definitely come in handy. Just like my other Limefuel pack though it is a bit more on the heavy side, but not so much so that it becomes uncomfortable. You won't even notice it if it's tucked away inside a bag pocket. There are green LED lights on the front to indicate when a device is charging, and the power button for the device is placed nice and neat on the side, flush with the rest of the pack so it doesn't protrude out.


AH Limefuel L156X Pro 1.2

Up until I had starting using the L156X Pro and the L130X, I was using a battery pack from Lumsing, which I did a review of some time back, and that was my go to pack out of the couple that I had at the time. The Limefuel though takes things to a whole other level, as it charges devices blazing fast. The flashlight is nifty too especially if you take it out camping and you need to stumble out of the tent to find something in the dark. You can pick up the L156X Pro on Amazon right now for only $49.99, and it is definitely the best pack I have used so far.

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