Featured Android Auto App 'Joyride' Aims To Give You A Better Commute

Android Auto may not be embedded in any of our cars just yet, but app maker BlueTornado will be ready when the platform hits the market with their app called Joyride(which actually debuted a couple months ago at Google I/O)which is out on the Play Store as of today. Joyride will be one of the initial apps supported in the Android Auto platform when it rolls out to more than 30 car brands later on this year, and while it might certainly make the listening experience a little easier in your car, you don't have to wait for Android Auto to hit the market before you start enjoying Joyride.

Joyride wants to be your personal aggregation service of streaming audio including comedy shows, motivational speakers, and other radio and news shows so that you can have a better experience while running, while at work, while at home, and of course while driving, or really any other old place you might seek to get some listening time in. If you're like many people who believe their commute to work is the absolute worst, soul crushing and life sucking experience, Joyride's goal is to completely turn that around by giving you enjoyable stuff to listen to. There are probably more than a few streaming audio apps like Joyride out there, but unlike other apps, Joyride grabs your streaming audio preferences and feeds it to you from across the entire web and not just a closed selection of media choices.

Joyride also seems to make finding what you want to listen to easy, by providing users with multiple ways to find and grab their content so they can begin listening as quickly and easily as possible. Joyride lets you search for content pulled from across the web, you can let Joyride recommend content for you to listen to, or you can choose to listen to content based off of the opinions of friends who also use Joyride with the social discovery option. Joyride also supports 7 and 10 inch tablets, and can be used over Bluetooth or through an aux plugin, whichever is the most convenient for where you're listening. You can also use the same account across all of your devices, so if you want to use it on a couple of phones, and one or two different tablets, you can do so. If you're ready to brighten up your daily commute, you can grab Joyride from the Play Store now.

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