FCC Chairman Gives Sprint Advice After T-Mobile Merger Failure

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The Sprint/T-Mobile merger is no more, and many people are reacting differently. Some consumers felt the merger was a great idea and are now upset that the merger is no more. While other consumers are glad to see the end to the merger talks that seemed somewhat inevitable earlier this year. One person who is definitely happy to see Sprint back away from the merger is FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

The Sprint T-mobile merger has been in talks for some time now, and it was looking like Sprint was very excited to go through with the plan. However, earlier this week, rumors broke that Sprint was considering backing away from the deal. Then a wave of emails, statements and other forms of reports came out that indeed, Sprint has backed away from the deal. In fact, Sprint has also decided to not only release Dan Hesse, Current and soon to be former CEO of Sprint, but also hire a new CEO. While there has yet to be any correlation between the failure of the Sprint/T-Mobile merger and the release of Hesse, an email came out from Hesse to the Sprint Staff. While Hesse is giving an inspiring goodbye speech via email, others are enjoying the end of talks between Sprint and T-Mobile.

Tom Wheeler has long been opposed to any type of merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. Back in March of 2014, Wheeler spoke openly about his skepticism to the merger. Being part of the last checkpoints Sprint would’ve needed to pass through to finalize the merger, the FCC was very concerned about what the merger would do to market competition. However now that the merger is no more, Wheeler has released a statement that gave both a feeling of happiness and what could be interpreted as advice to Sprint as they pick up the pieces from 2014.

“Four national wireless providers are good for American consumers. Sprint now has an opportunity to focus efforts on robust competition.”

While Sprint has a lot of work to do going into 2015 and beyond, Wheeler seems to think that all they need to do is not rely on mergers to make it. Instead, Wheeler wants Sprint to market themselves better and create a more competitive market.

What are your thoughts, do you agree with Wheeler that Sprint can make it in the US markets without the help of a merger? Or do you think buying up T-Mobile would’ve really helped Sprint in the long run? Let us know down below or on our G+ page.