Evan Blass, @evleaks, Parts Ways with Leaking And Here's why

Evleaks has been an instantly recognizable name for the past two years.  The name has been cleverly angled over top photos of new Android devices, with many of the pictures being resolved in a mass launch of the depicted product.  The man behind the Twitter account, Evan Blass, is leaving the leaking business.  People may have seen the retirement and thanks message he tweeted out Sunday morning, but there's more to it than just, 'he's leaving', and there's also some information and reasoning behind leaving the business that had his name being put up and linked to across every tech website at least once a week. Evan Blass began on Twitter two years ago, with his leaking of the newest devices, from Sony to Samsung, HTC to Nokia, he's covered them all.  The leaks have let us know of the push for Prime devices as well as the cancellation of one of said Prime devices.  But Evan has decided to both leave the business of leaking and sit down with The Next Web for a parting interview explaining his choice.

Among the many 'why are you leaving, who will best step into your role, what are your plans/are you coming back' questions, we learned a bit about the man and his reasoning.  First off, to those hopeful that this was a joke or a kind of light-hearted 'I'm taking a break' move, it's sadly not.  Blass has decided to leave the leaking to others for good.  He says that one of the main reasons is financial.  The business of leaking on Twitter was not much of a business, which was augmented with the addition of sponsored tweets, as well as the creation of a site for all of his tweets, and a fan community.  But he also noted how many of the site's visitors are also the kind of folk that have ad-block working, so he doesn't get any revenue from their visitation(s).  The money aspect played a part in the decision to leave, mainly because he wants to have a more financially secure future, as well as be able to finance any necessary medical expenses incurred due to his worsening multiple sclerosis.

The reminiscing was nice and casual though.  Evan recalled his favorite leak, which I won't spoil (so go check it out).  I think you'll like it just as much.  He called this one 'hypnotizing', but that's the only hint you'll get.  As you may recall from just a bit before, I mentioned that he was asked who he thought would most likely take his place among the leakers across the Internet.  You might have already guessed and made your assumptions, and you might be right.  Blass commented, saying that "Someone who immediately springs to mind is TK O'Connor, of TK Tech News".  For those who don't recognize the name, he is the guy that is giving OnePlus the massive amount of heat and flak that they seem to deserve, as well as covering upcoming and current devices too. Evan Blass has been a great asset to journalists like us here at Android Headlines, and his sneaky leaking will be greatly missed on the Internet of wondrous technologies present and future.  What was your personal favorite leak by @evleaks?  Let us know down below!

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