Download: Google+ hits v4.5 With Some new Icons, Off-Centered Profiles and More

Google Plus 4 5 AH 1

I guess Google decided to do Update Wednesday and Thursday this week. But nonetheless, we’ve got a brand new version of the Google+ app for Android in our hands. This brings it to version 4.5. There’s plenty of new goodies in this update, compared to the YouTube update we saw yesterday. One of the bigger ones is the off-centered profiles. So now you’ll see your profile picture on the left-hand side, along with your info just below it on the left as well. It looks a little odd, especially after seeing the profile centered for so long, but it’s the most awkward thing Google has done.

Another subtle, yet minor change is the fact that the +1, share and comment icons are now bold and blacker than they were previously. Additionally, the app now shows links as well links. Previously they weren’t really hyperlinked, but now they are. Which is a nice change. You’ll also notice that the light gray behind the comments is gone, and it’s now white like the rest of the page would be. In the Google+ Photos app, Google has opted to get rid of the swipe gesture to dismiss the Auto Backup notification.

Google has also moved the search filter. So instead of being in the corner, now when you tap on “Everything” you’ll see the Search box right above your Circles and Communities. So not a bunch of new changes here, but some that are subtle and will make the experience of using Google+ on Android a bit better. We do have the APK available for download, which you’ll see down below. For those that have never installed an APK before, you’ll need to make sure Unknown Sources is checked (Settings > Security), then download the APK and open it. It should walk you through the installation process, and voila!

Download: Google+ v4.5