Data Reveals How Mobile Games Effect Your Phone Through Memory, Cache, And Storage

While Android already does a decent job at keeping your memory free as much as possible, a little extra help is never a bad thing. When it comes to taking up storage space and usable memory on your phone, mobile games tend to be some of the most heavy users, and some of today's top casual mobile games are the ones that take up the most space, leave the most junk on your phone and use the most memory while open and active during use and sometimes afterwards. The team behind Clean Master and the Battery Doctor applications, Cheetah Mobile, decided to test out and review how much space some of these top 5 most popular games take up, as well as how they effect your phone in other ways.

The data displays some interesting information, revealing that games like The Room, one that is packed full of high definition graphics and a decent amount of content, take up relatively little amounts of space compared to something like Bejeweled. Cheetah Mobile reviewed the effects after use on our devices of Bejeweled, The Room, Farmville, Candy Crush, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The Room actually takes up the least amount of space out of all five applications, while Bejeweled takes up the second most amount of space. Kim Kardashian's app takes up the most space, requiring more than a 100MB to store and use the app. Interestingly enough, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood uses up the most storage, but uses the second to least amount of memory while active, however it leaves the most amount of junk in your phone's cache, which also uses up space over time.

Most people don't think about the effects that apps can have on your device after use, and when they do the thing that comes to mind most often is storage space. More rarely do people think about the amount of memory being used and the amount of stuff left around in the device's cache, which can end up slowing down your device and draining the battery quicker than it should. While you can have help to manage things like storage, memory and device cache using an app like Clean Master, just making sure that you fully close down the app after you're done using it is a great place to start. This can be done from the recents menu usually, but you can also go into app settings from the initial settings menu of your device and find the app, then force close it. Check out the chart below for a comparison between all five games.

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