Dan Hesse Says Goodbye To Sprint With Letter To Employees

August 6, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

By now the Sprint retraction from the T-Mobile merger is as publicized as it’s going to get. Many people probably saw this coming, or at least had some inkling of an idea that the merger wouldn’t be happening. Most people probably thought all companies involved would be sticking it out all the way through though, and that the end of this proposed merger would come at the hands of the regulators and not those of the company attempting to make the purchase. It’s almost like the merger imploded on itself. Now that that’s all done and over with, T-Mobile will go back to doing what they do best(at least in recent years)which is shaking up the industry. While there may have been some beneficial things to come out of the merger for both sets of customers from their respective carriers, many people didn’t want it to happen.

In the wake of the news about Sprint pulling back from the deal we also learned yesterday that current Sprint CEO(soon to be former)Dan Hesse was reported to be getting the boot and that he could have a replacement as early as today. We know that Brightstar’s CEO, which is another company bought and owned by SoftBank, Marcelo Claure will be taking over for Hesse as the head of the company at Sprint Corp., although those duties don’t officially start today as Hesse is reported to be stepping down beginning August 11th which is next Monday. In the meantime the news of his departure has probably been hitting the desks and emails of employees around the nation, and Hesse had some words to say about his official removal as the CEO of the company.

The letter is an inspiring and upbeat farewell addressing his employees, talking about the ups and downs of the network overhaul but of course focusing more on the success of the accomplishments. It also talks about welcoming Marcelo and that Hesse has the utmost confidence in him, and that he will continue to lead Sprint forward and make the necessary improvements where they need to be made. Dan Hesse was CEO of Sprint for around six and a half years, and hopefully his departure is for the better as Sprint continues through their transitional phase.