Cyanogen Inc. Adds Ex-Facebook/Electronic Arts Employees To Their Roster

If you're not 100 percent familiar with Cyanogen Inc. or CyanogenMod, the former is a company that was originally a team of developers just working to provide an awesome aftermarket firmware experience to the Android community of users so that they might have a unique experience with their devices. Almost a year ago CyanogenMod became Cyanogen Inc., the startup company that transformed from the team of developers and is now providing the same loveable Android ROM experience to users, but on a professional level while also now working with smartphone OEMs like China manufacturers Oppo and OnePlus. CyanogenMod itself, the latter of the two mentioned in the beginning, is now solely the ROM which you can find on many different devices from various OEMs.

Cyanogen Inc. is expanding and in trying to extend their reach, they have ended up adding some new team members recently to help further their companies development as well as the development of the software they provide to users which has come to be known as somewhat of a household name. It's no doubt that Cyanogen Inc. is probably getting busier, and what better way to handle more tasks than by adding on new staff? Thanks to some of the funding that Cyanogen Inc. was able to acquire over the past year(around $30 million in total)since they became official, they were able to hire on former employees from both Facebook and Electronic Arts.

The new team member previously with EA is Vivian Lee, and prior to becoming the Vice President of Marketing for Cyanogen Inc., she held the title of a mobile product marketing executive at Electronic Arts. Cyanogen's other new team member, Sid Murlidhar, used to be the head of the Facebook Zero project which sought to bring a free, simplistic mobile version of the social media site to developing nations. At Cyanogen Inc. Mulidhar will be the person that takes care of third-party integration's into Cyanogen software. Both new team members seem like a much needed position, with Cyanogen Inc. growing both Lee and Murlidhar should help to ensure Cyanogen has smooth working relationships with OEM partners and less of a chance that they could receive any backlash if any of those partners create some controversy.

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