Over comes to the Play Store with new features and a discount

August 5, 2014 - Written By Shaun Fitzgerald

Have you ever dreamt of creating your very own Internet meme that went viral?   If the answer is yes then the Google play stores newest addition “Over” might be your dream come true!

The statement that “there’s an app for that” is becoming more and more true every day.   Mobile application developers are beginning to find success by creating apps that do one thing.  As with any Niche market though there is one rule that cannot be broken……. If you are going to do just one thing,  you  better do it well.   With over 9 million downloads to date on Apples IOS App Store it would stand to reason that Over has done their one thing well.

Over’s one goal is to allow users the ability to overly text and other graphics on top of their existing photos.   Simple but useful,  Over’s founder Aaron Marshall has a vision for his application that takes it way past putting funny statements over a Kermit the Frog picture.   Marshall feels so strongly about his vision of Over becoming a business tool that he refused a One Million dollar investment to ensure that he would not be forced to bend to meet investors needs.

Over comes stock with 20 plus fonts and 6 different icon packs.   Users are given control over text size,  color,  and location.   The menu consists of a wheel that pops out on the right which

allows you to edit,  share,  add,  and save.   There are some Google Play Store specific features that will allow you to rotate text and save full resolution images.   The most anticipated change from the group that created Over is an improved store within the app.  The original Over store was and continues to have quite a few issues that seem to have been worked out on the Android version.  The Over store has many different packs full of images,  icons,  and fonts available for purchase with costs ranging from under a dollar to $6.99.  All of the Android only features are expected to make their way to IOS in the near future as well.

To celebrate their Play store release  Over is being sold at a discounted rate of 99 cents,  half of what’s it’s going for on IOS.  You can find the Over App here.   Once downloaded there is a plethora of images and fonts available for purchase to get your creative side going.