Canadian Students can use Google Play Books to Purchase or Rent Digital Textbooks

Google Play Text Book Sale

It is that time of year again when college students head back to their dorms, rented apartments or maybe staying right at home as classes gear up for the Fall Semester.  The modern student has to confirm their classes – those things can disappear as fast as they show up – head to Walmart to decorate that dorm room, see who is in charge, and check out school activities.  One of the most important items and one of the biggest expenses a student has is purchasing textbooks and college textbooks do not come cheaply – you can pay hundreds of dollars for even a used textbook these days.  It can be downright obscene what a typical student pays for a semester of textbooks.

Well, thanks to Google Play Book Store, Canadian students now have a much cheaper option – you can either rent or purchase digital textbooks for a fraction of the cost of a printed textbook and you can save a tree or two along the way.  They have thousands of textbooks from top publishers that include the comprehensive selections of college textbooks – covering math, the sciences, history, philosophy, and everything in between.  With digital textbooks from Google Play Books, your entire library will be stored in the cloud – allow access to them wherever and whenever you want them.  You can also pick up where you left off reading or studying on any of your devices – be it your smartphone, tablet or notebook.  Why carry around a backpack full of heavy books when you can let them stay in the cloud?

The Google Play Books app even makes your studying simpler and faster with its convenient tools.  Because your textbook is electronic, you can search it for a certain word or phrase, you can bookmark chapters or simply a single page.  Highlight and annotate key passages and you are never far away from accessing a dictionary or thesaurus.  You also have access to instant translation to or from English, Google searches and Wikipedia.  All of this and you will save up to 80-percent off of printed textbooks. Please let us know on our Google+ Page if you are going the digital textbook route this year – or are you one that likes the touch and smell of a good book…as always, we would love to hear from you.

Google Play Textbooks 80 off in Canada