You Can Now Submit Bug Reports For Wear Apps Through The Android Wear Companion App

There has been an update to the Android Wear application. You know that app that you use to interface your phone with the Android Wear smartwatch on your wrist? I knew you'd remember. The update brings in a couple of things of note. First and foremost, support for ambient light sensors. Why is this important? Because the Moto 360 has ambient light sensors built in(that place commonly referred to as the black box at the bottom of the screen is where they're said to be stored)so the team behind the app seems to be readily preparing for the release of the famous watch from Motorola. That's all well and good, but we know that most of you probably won't really care about that until the Moto 360 is out and you can take advantage of it.

Besides the ambient light sensor support, there is also now a way for you to report bugs that you have come across, just in case you need to get word out to the dev of the apps. You have to be on the most recent version of the Android Wear app for you to be able to take advantage of any of the bug reporting, so make sure to do that before you attempt to throw app devs into the deep end with work to fix the bugs you've come across.

To submit a bug report, you'll need to open up the menu of the Android Wear application on your phone. Once the app is open hit the menu button, and and there will now be a section for "report wearable bug." It should be obvious what you do at that point. The steps that follow aren't too difficult, although they're not exactly straight forward either. Make sure to wait until you feel the watch buzz after hitting the button to submit and report bugs, you will feel the watch buzz three times.(Android Police says it takes about 30 seconds, so have a little patience) After you see the message pop up on your watch that says to touch to share bug report, you'll want to swipe to the left to open and share, which will send a notification to your connected device allowing to you a tap-to-send option and thus letting you select your share method. You can include screenshots with these bug reports if you feel the need to send one. What you'll need to do is make sure that you have the Android Wear device set to the screen that has the issue, like say if the bug resides with the Google Hangouts reply screen, you'd set the screen on your watch to that before tapping report wearable bug option on your phone. In time we're sure that this process will become a little easier, but for now it remains just a little cumbersome, still, at least it's there now. Does this solve some issue for any of you?

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