Cambridge Audio Announces New Line Of High-end Wireless Speakers

Bluetone 100  0004 Layer 4

Cambridge Audio announced a new line of Bluetooth speakers a couple of days ago. Cambridge Audio is known for making really great sounding audio products. Their new speakers should continue that trend. These are speakers that audiophiles will want to pay attention to.

The first two are the Go and Go Radio speakers. These are based on the company’s Minx Go. The Go is compact and connects to devices via Bluetooth of NFC. It will have 18 hours of battery life and should work with just about any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other wireless device that you want to connect to it. The Go speaker pairs with your devices using a one-touch setup, making it easier than ever to stream your music wirelessly. It supports aptX Bluetooth audio compression, so it should give you the best sounding music streaming possible. The speaker even has a built-in battery that can be used to charge your other devices. Cambridge Audio is claiming that the Go can create “massive sound” even though it’s a pretty small speaker.

The Go Radio adds an FM radio to the mix. It’s identical to the Go with the addition of three FM station pre-sets and an LED digital display. The company says both speakers will handle deep bass and loud volumes better than just about anything on the market right now.

The third speaker is the Bluetone 100. It’s a larger speaker with a 100 watt class-D amp in it. This thing should crush your ears and fill a room with high quality sound. The Bluetone 100 has two 4-inch wide-dispersion drivers. It has an almost 180 degree sound dispersion radius. It also disperses sound evenly so you don’t run into “sweet spot” issues that a lot of speakers have. I’m particularly excited about the Bluetone 100, just based on the press release that Cambridge Audio released.

The Go and Bluetone 100 will be available in September 2014, and the Go Radio will be here in November 2014. The Go is going will retail for $179.99, the Go Radio will be $199.99, and the Bluetone 100 steps it up to $299.99