Cabinet Beta: Doesn't Hold a Lot, but Has Lots to Show Off

These days, who doesn't want a great app with a great design?  I'm not one of those folks who want an alternative based solely on design and aesthetics, but if the app has the functionality and features I need and use, as well as a great design and layout, then it'll have me loving it instantly.  So goes the story of Cabinet Beta.

Cabinet Beta is, obviously, a beta app and the app functions as a file explorer and manager for your Android device.  Whether you want to play a video that's not exactly legal to own (not judging you), show off a picture but hate you gallery app, or simply go pull an app from you Downloads folder and place into the /system/app partition (like many people have done with Google's photosphere-capable cameras), Cabinet Beta has you covered.  And Material Design, as announced and debuted at Google I/O two months ago, has Cabinet covered, since the app has the newest design language by Google integrated and covering every inch of the app.  And it looks gorgeous.

Like I said, I'm not going to drop an app because of its looks, but I certainly will keep one for them.  Cabinet Beta is still in beta-mode, but it is very stable thus far, and the best part is that it can function as a root-enabled file explorer too, for those of you that use ES, Solid, or any other file explorer for the root privileges.  But what makes Cabinet Beta so great, especially since it comes with those Kit Kat (Android 4.4 and up) exclusive translucent status and navigation bars?  You can turn them off.  Yeah, you can choose whether to have translucent or solid black navigation and status bars, but only if you have Kit Kat sadly.  Surprisingly, the black bars look better and compliment the solid colors that run throughout Cabinet Beta.

This app, since it's in beta-mode still, must cost around a dollar, dollar-fifty, or even two to get, to support the developer and the development of the app, right?  Nope.  Cabinet Beta is free to download, and it's recommended that you also join the developer's beta group for the app, to help further and quicken the beta processing so this app can hit stable as soon as possible with as few bugs as possible.  So if you love Material Design, go pick it up.  If you love a good, clean file exploring and management app, go pick it up.  If you love just testing out beta apps and helping out the developer, go pick it up.  As Alex likes to say, #materialyolo.  Agreed.

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