This Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard Fits In Your Pocket

I remember the first time I ever got my hands on a Bluetooth keyboard, it was the best thing ever simply because I now had access to an easier way to type on my phone or tablet. Traditional Bluetooth keyboards can still take up some space though, even though they are designed to be somewhat compact. A Bluetooth keyboard that could fit in your pocket though, now that would be something. That's exactly what the Atongm Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard provides, a pocket sized device that can connect to your phone or tablet through bluetooth and display a virtual laser keyboard onto any flat surface allowing you to type like you would with a normal physical keyboard.

The tiny device projects a laser keyboard onto whatever surface you have on front of you, and using 3D electronic recognition technology it can track where the user/operator is, which is how it tracks where your fingers are placed and how it knows what keys you're hitting. The keyboard ensure fast and accurate data input using an English QWERTY layout. The detection rate for this device is over 400 words per minute, so typing will be smooth and fast. The keyboard also uses low power consumption so that you don't have to worry about it draining your battery from using it too often.

It isn't just compatible with smartphones and tablets though, it's Bluetooth, so it's compatible with anything that can accept devices with a Bluetooth connection. It supports Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs, as well as Android smartphones and tablets that are running Android 2.2 or later, which at this point is pretty much every single Android device. It's small and portable and has a built in 700mAh battery, so even if it does end up losing most of its charge, you can simply recharge it using the mini USB connection port on the back. The battery charging time is rated at about 120 minutes, and use time is rated at about 200 minutes total before it needs another charge. While the keyboard will project a decent distance in front of the device at 100mm in front of where the keyboard device is sitting, it will require a non-reflective, opaque surface for it to work properly. You can pick the Atongm Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard up from the website, and always ensure that you have a fast, accurate and portable way to type for your smartphone or tablet. 

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