Bloomberg: Deutsche Telekom Willing to sell T-Mobile US for $35/Share

10 2 2012deutsche telekom t mobile rene obermann

The big story out of T-Mobile for the past year has been who is going to buy them? For a while, we thought it’d be Sprint that buys them. But a few weeks ago, Sprint decided to pull out of trying to pick up T-Mobile US. We also heard that Iliad from France was looking to grab the magenta carrier, and offered a $33/share price to Deutsche Telekom, which both DT and T-Mobile declined.

According to a report out of Bloomberg this afternoon, it looks like Deutsche Telekom is willing to sell the company for about $35 per share. Which doesn’t seem like it’s much more than what Iliad had offered, but it really is. Right now T-Mobile’s share’s are sitting at $31.37, valuing the company at $25.3 billion.

Bloomberg stated, “Philipp Kornstaedt, a spokesman for Bonn-based Deutsche Telekom, declined to comment. He reiterated Chief Executive Officer Timotheus Hoettges’s Aug. 7 remarks that any offer would have to exceed T-Mobile’s standalone value.”

It’s going to be interesting to keep an eye on T-Mobile in the coming months and years. As Deutsche Telekom has been looking to jump out of the US for quite a while. Even dating back to the AT&T attempted acquisition in 2011. Deutsche Telekom also hasn’t invested in T-Mobile in years and they are looking to get out of here so they can focus more on their home market, as they are getting plenty more competition over there in Europe.

While John Legere has been turning around T-Mobile over the past year or so, it’s not quite where they need to be. They have been improving their network and buying more and more spectrum to work with building penetration. So we might see a better deal from Iliad, or maybe Dish or someone else pretty soon? Who do you think will step up to the plate? Let us know in the comments below.