BilltoMobile Coming to Verizon Wireless: Pizza at the Buzz of a Text

Danal has announced that it has been selected by Verizon Wireless to provide BilltoMobile services. It's worth revisiting BilltoMobile. This is a fast, easy and secure way to pay for items using your mobile bill. As such, it's a competitor to Paypal but does not need a smartphone or even registration to work. Instead, when shopping online you use the BilltoMobile payment option. The website will generate a PIN code, sent to your 'phone. You enter this back into the website and it authorises the transaction: you don't need to register as long as your carrier supports BilltoMobile. Your purchases then appear on your next mobile bill, nicely itemised so it's easy to see what you've bought.

BilltoMobile benefits the vendors because it's very good at converting website browsers to website buyers: after all, you don't need to worry with credit card numbers or email addresses, as long as you know your mobile number, address and can pick up a text message, you're good to go. Danal's website claims that their system increases mobile transactions by a factor of two to three times!

Verizon Wireless benefits from BilltoMobile because it is a means of keeping a customer with them. After all, if your buddy can pay for his pizza using his mobile bill but you can't, you'll look to switch at the next renewal option, right? Furthermore, Danal's systems do the heavy lifting in the background to check your device identity, fraud prevention and if necessary, account details. Verizon already have a comprehensive billing system in place and Danal utilise this.

And of course, we the customer benefit from this! BilltoMobile is free, simple and fast to use. We may not have our wallet or purse with us, but you bet we have our mobile with us. The service is also partially independent of your choice of 'phone, so if your beloved Android is away for repair and you are using a basic dumb 'phone, as long as you know your number, address and can pick up text messages, you can still use BilltoMobile.

Does your carrier use BilltoMobile? Danal's system is already used across the world by many carriers across the world including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, O2, Telefonica and China Mobile, to name but a few.

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