Best Buy Lists The Moto 360 Before Launch, Pricing Set At Just $249.99


So this is kind of a surprise, but it appears that Best Buy has listed the Moto 360 up on their website under a "coming soon" tag. The coming soon is obviously to be expected, as the device hasn't been launched yet and probably won't be for at least another couple of weeks. The "coming soon" part isn't what's interesting though, it's the price that Best Buy has thrown up for the cost of the third Android Wear smartwatch to be. According to the listing the Moto 360 will cost just $249.99, which is quite a bit lower than many may have been speculating for the last couple of months. It has been believed by many or perhaps feared, that Motorola would charge a considerably higher amount for their smartwatch than the competition. That may not be the case though.

Let's break down a couple of possible scenarios. Best Buy could be jumping the gun and listing the cost at a price point they believe to be true, but also obviously unconfirmed. Since this listing is at this point just a placeholder, the price could change when Motorola actually announces the watch and it's made available to the public. Another possibility is that Best Buy has listed the device early, and perhaps someone messed up and was not supposed to list the cost along with the placeholder page for the watch till it goes live. In any case, $249.99 seems like a very reasonable cost for a device that uses premium materials like stainless steel and leather bands, a stainless steel metal casing, rumored sapphire glass and features like inductive charging.

Many people have stated in comments and forum threads that they would be happy to pay a $250 price tag for the Moto 360, and those people may just be getting their wish. The site also has a fair amount of specs and features posted as well, which is the other interesting factor of Best Buy's listing. First is probably not the most important feature or spec that people are wanting to sink their teeth into, but for anyone wondering, the Moto 360 is said to weigh just 2.1 ounces. Surprise, surprise, that's not that much different from the Gear Live. For those of us that were able to hold, feel, and touch all three Android Wear smartwatches at Google I/O, it was easy to tell the weights were similar, for everyone else though, the Gear Live weighs just 59 grams, which is nearly 2.1 ounces, so the Moto 360 will be about the same weight. It may look huge and seem a lot heavier, but it's really not. The screen type of the Moto 360 is listed as being 1.5-inch backlit LCD, with a TI processor on the inside and 512MB of internal storage on the watch. It's also according to Best Buy, rated as waterproof up to 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes. In short, it'll be fine if you wear it in the rain. Resolution measures 320 x 290 with 205 ppi, it has a built in optical heart rate monitor and pedometer of course, and it supports Bluetooth 4.0 LE and wireless N according to the listing. That's most of the interesting specifications on the watch if they're to be believed. Is $250 worth holding out for the Moto 360?

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