Asus teases their First Android Wear Smart Watch, set to be announced at IFA September 3rd

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Since Google unveiled their Android Wear smart watch platform, we’ve seen LG and Samsung offer their G Watch and Gear Live devices via the Play Store. Motorola seems to have been teasing us for months with a steady drip-feed of details regarding its Moto 360, but it still unavailable. With IFA looming in September, it appears that Asus have thrown their hat in to the ring, posting on their Twitter and Facebook pages that “Something #Incredible is going to happen at IFA2014, see you there!” along with the picture above.

As you can see from the picture, its undoubtedly the outline of a watch with a squarish display and possible metal exterior, going by the reflection of light on the frame. No other details are known at present, but with Asus’ reputation as a manufacturer of good quality, value-for-money products ranging from computers components to laptops and tablets, its believed that their smart watch offering will be aggressively priced, possibly under-cutting the LG and Samsung offerings that hover around the $199 mark. If Asus can manage to price their device at $150 or below and bring the device to market in a timely fashion (unlike Motorola with their Moto 360), their smart watch may well prove to be popular amongst impulse shoppers, particular with the holiday season approaching, and all that it entails.

The CEO of Asus, Jerry Chen, stated a while back that its Android Wear smart watch would be a ‘Hero’ device and that it would have a better design than its competitors along with a low price. Its almost guaranteed to be priced much lower than the leaked price of the Moto 360 by BestBuy – $249.

Asus have said that it will announce its first smart watch at the IFA September 3rd, just over two weeks away, so its not too long to wait for more details, and who’s to say that there won’t be more leaks before then? If you haven’t bought a smart watch yet, what are you waiting for? the Moto 360 to finally become available? Will you wait to see what Asus unveils next month in Berlin? As always, let us know in the comments or at our Google Plus page.