Another Galaxy Note 4 Image Surfaced, Unfortunately The Device Is Covered By A Case


Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet is definitely one of the most anticipated devices of the year. Since the launch of the initial Galaxy Note phablet back in 2011, this line of devices has managed to accumulate a lot of followers all over the world. I don't know what's it like where you live, but every time I find myself in a place with a lot of people I spot a ton of Galaxy devices and there's usually one of the Note phablets there as well. We've seen many rumors when it comes to this device and here's yet another one for you. This time the alleged Note 4 posed for the camera, though its design is hidden behind a case. This actually seems to be the same device that was leaked on video the other day, you may notice both devices are wearing the same exact case. This image doesn't reveal all that much though, case covers up the majority of the device and we can't really see it.

As I've said, we've seen many leaks of this device thus far. A couple of images leaked recently and they seemed legit, though recently spotted accessories kind of brought that in question. Samsung has also released a bunch of teaser videos for their upcoming phablet which didn't exactly reveal anything at all, but hey, teasers are teasers. Samsung is hoping this device will help them raise their profits again, considering their Q2 financial results aren't exactly what they have hoped for.


Samsung will unveil Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at their pre-IFA event on September 3rd in Berlin. Their recently announced Gear S smartwatch will make an appearance there as well with probably some other Samsung gadgets as well. We still don't know what else Samsung is planning to unveil there, though I believe they will bring something new as well (next to the Note 4 of course). I'm not exactly a phablet kinda guy, so the Note 4 isn't exactly my kind of a thing. How about you, are you looking forward to this event and do you plan to get the device once it becomes available?

Note 4 with case leak_screenshot

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