Android How To: Insert the Micro SIM and MicroSD card on the HTC One Remix

HTC One Remix AH 67

While this may seem like a really easy thing to do, there are still plenty of people that need help and that’s what we are here to do. Inserting or removing the microSD and Micro SIM cards on the HTC One Remix are identical, however.

To open up the slots, you’ll need the SIM ejection tool that HTC sends with your HTC One Remix. You’ll poke that in the hole next to the SIM card or SD card slot to pop open the tray then pull it out. Now just place your SIM card or SD card on the tray and put it back into the One Remix. Make sure to put it in the right way. If it feels like it’s not going in correctly, take it out and flip it around. So that you don’t break the tray for your HTC One Remix. That’s the last thing you’ll want to do.

It’s pretty easy to insert or take out both the Micro SIM card and the MicroSD card from the HTC One Remix. But if you need a little extra help, we’ve got a video down below showing you exactly how to do it. We’ll be posting our full review in a few more days, so if you’re interested in the HTC One Remix, make sure you stay tuned to Android Headlines.