Android Game Of The Week: Zombie City Defense

When it comes to Tower Defense games it can be hard to stand out amongst fan favorites and the power houses of the genre like the titles from the 11bit studios in the Anomaly series, or other like Sentinel 3: Homeworld. Like endless runners or platformers, Tower defense games are plentiful in the Play Store and finding a great one isn't always easy, but that's why we're here. To do the work for you. As a huge fan of the Tower Defense genre, I can be picky with the games in this space that I play. Zombie City Defense was definitely a nice surprise and an untapped gem. It has taken two loved genres and mashed them into one, for an outstanding game that is well worth the $1.50 you pay for it.

Like many other Tower Defense titles, you'll have to deploy your defenses in time to stop the oncoming waves of attacks, only this time zombies are the enemy and your defenses consist mainly of troops that can take them down. At least in the beginning. What sets this game apart from other Tower Defense games first and foremost is the graphics, the unique visual style of the hologram setting is an attention grabber and really looks rather cool. Although this is true tower Defense down to its core, there are some RTS like elements involved as you can move around you infantry units from point to point if need be.

The holographic landscapes can become very detailed once you move into levels that are set in larger areas like cities, where you can see the erected buildings from a complete top down or angled view. If you have ever used Google maps in a city where you can use two fingers on screen and drag to pan the map view at an angle, Zombie City Defense has the same visual effects. You can also zoom into the level or zoom out depending on your view distance preference. Besides the infantry units, you can also use vehicles like tanks and heavy armored vehicles to assist in stopping the zombie threat. Before each level begins you'll be given the chance to purchase troops and vehicles for the level. As you progress through each stage you'll score cash to stack up to buy more units for the next stage, and you'll also need that cash to upgrade your units. If you find things to easy in casual mode, you can crank up the difficulty for more of a challenge. Whether you are new to Tower Defense games or a longtime fan of the genre, definitely check this one out.

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