Android Game Of The Week: Eliss Infinity

Puzzle games are somewhat of longtime passion for many gamers. They have manifested in many various forms over the years, sometimes finding themselves acting merely as elements in another genre type. Although games with puzzle like elements are great, Eliss Infinity is not one of those games and is a true Puzzle game to its core, with a tiny bit of action. I found the retro style 8 bit graphics to be a nice touch. A classic style of visuals for a classic style of game that has been around for quite some time. Eliss Infinity may seem odd at first as there really isn't any text involved in any of the game menus, so you kinda have to figure out exactly what each button does and which takes you to what menu. It only took me a minute to figure out, but it almost felt like in doing this, the game's creators made navigating through the menus themselves kind of like a puzzle which for me, added to the overall allure of the game.

Upon starting the first level, you're greeted with helpful little tips on how to play, and this is always something that I find extremely useful in helping new players figure things out. The game is steeped in 8-bit design from head to toe, right down to the sounds and effects, which accompany the awesome atmospheric soundtrack quite nicely. The game is touted as fast paced, and it lives up to its description. You'll find yourself in the middle of an easy level, complete it, then move onto the next only to find out that you're now having to scramble and utilize the multi-touch gameplay to keep from losing. This scenario comes up pretty early so you'll know it when you see it.

Eliss includes multiple game modes, including the all new Infinity mode, which is how this version of the game got its name, and is an endless and score based gameplay mode where you'll be able to line up bigger strings of combos to raise your score and get a hold of bigger powerups. There's also the Odyssey mode, which is the game the way it was introduced in its original form with 25 levels, but of course more polished and with a couple new features. Lastly there's the Spacebox mode where you can generate planets and play with them without losing. The team behind Eliss also points out that this a great mode for the kids as there is no way to lose, and you can also play it yourself if you want to train your skills or relieve stress. Eliss Infinity is featured in the Humble Mobile Bundle 6 which is still going on, and it was also released onto the Play Store for $2.99. The Play Store price is easily a great buy for what you get, but it's a much better deal going with the Humble Mobile Bundle 6, so if you can catch in time,(you have about 3 days and 22 hours left)grab it there and get a ton of other awesome games along with it.

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