Android Game News Weekly 08/24/2014: Spellfall Puzzle RPG, OUYA, SNK Playmore, Deep Under The Sky, Unpossible


Ninjump's Blackflip Studios Will Soon Bring Spellfall Puzzle RPG To AndroidSpellfall Puzzle RPG

If you have been playing mobile games on Android for a while you are probably familiar with Backflip Studios. They have a new game headed to Android soon called Spellfall Puzzle RPG, not too unlike Puzzles and Dragons which is also a similar Match Three type game that has you matching up jewels to cast spells and defeat enemies in dungeons. Sepllfall has quite the advancement on graphics though, and it portrays a sideview of the battle at hand and not just of the enemies you're fighting like in Puzzles and Dragons, where you can see all your characters and the enemies moves being cast along with the resulting damage as you match up different rune like shapes. The game is as listed as coming soon so we could see it hit the Play Store this week or it could still be a bit before it's available. When it does launch though it will be free.

OUYA To Launch Games Library On Xiaomi Products To Expand In ChinaOUYA

We touched base on this earlier in the week, but OUYA is apparently planning an expansion into the Chinese market and to accomplish this they have announced a partnership with growing Chinese brand Xiaomi. The partnership will see OUYA's game library and platform find a home on Xiaomi devices like the MiTV's and the MiBox, where consumers in the region will have access to play OUYA's games. OUYA had stated that they see large growth opportunity in the Chinese region which is why they have taken this approach. If you live in China is this more of a reason for you to pick up a Xiaomi TV or set top box?


SNK Playmore Has Tons Of Their Hit Games On Sale For Just $0.99King Of Fighters 98

You may have already noticed, but if not, SNK Playmore is having a sale on most of their hit game titles through the Play Store. You'll find games like King of Fighters 98 and King of Fighters A-2012 on sale for just a buck. Those aren't the only games of course but they are certainly a couple of the best ones. King of Fighters 97 is also in the mix, along with all their ports of the Metal Slug games, Blazing Star, and Samurai Showdown 2. Normally most of these games are around $3.99, so you're getting three bucks off on a lot of these titles. There's no telling how long this sale will be up, but at current they are still only $0.99 so grab them while you can. You can find the games by hitting the link to the Play Store above.

Incredipede Developer Sarah Northway Introduces Deep Under The SkyDeep Under The Sky

Do you remember Incredipede, and how amazingly crazy it was? Developer Sarah Northway has just introduced her next game onto Android called Deep Under The Sky, and it's just as crazy but still amazingly fun and totally an atmospheric experience in gaming that you won't want to miss. Deep Under The Sky has you playing the role of a Jellyfish, seeking to explore the vastness of the planet Venus. This physics based game is sure to please with 80 levels of fun, lots to explore and lots to see in this incredibly vibrant underwater world. Check the trailer, ponder it a moment, than pony up three bucks and buy the game because you'll love it. Seriously.


Endless Racer Unpossible Is A Hyper Exciting Trip Through The FutureUnpossible

Think you can do the impossible? You do? Really? Alright… think you can do the Unpossible then? You'll have to play the game to find out for sure. This endless racer is set in a futuristic world where you'll find it increasingly difficult to make your way through each stage. Last as long as you can inside of each level, testing your skills every time to see if you can best your score by just a few more seconds. Last for a minute in each stage to unlock harder stages, and even play the game in the super chill zen mode if you're feeling like relaxing just a little bit. Unpossible is a hyper exciting trip through the future where it'll be impossible not to get addicted. Challenege your friends to dodge obstacles and attempt to beat your high score. Beautiful, fast, paced, and fun, Unpossible is a must have game¬†and you can grab it for $1.99