Android Game News Weekly 08/03/14: DotEmu, Epic Arena, Devios Dungeon, Plants vs Zombies 2


Old School Classics From DotEmu Half Off StillDouble-Dragon-Trilogy

Two old school classic video games from DotEmu, Double Dragon Trilogy(which is really three games in itself)and R-Type II are still on sale for half off as they went on sale earlier this week. There is no telling how long they will stay only a buck but if you don't have these two titles yet and you love to get down on some retro now and again, we figure you'd much rather pay $0.99 each then $1.99 each. You can pick up both of these awesome old school games lovingly ported to Android from the links here and here, and then make sure to have some fun. Did we also mention that both games have support for bluetooth gamepads like the MOGA line, Phonejoy, and others? Yep.

Epic Arena Brings Strategy Gameplay To AndroidEpic Arena

If you like 3D turn based strategy board games then you should take a look at Epic Arena. It's a free to play 3D chess strategy type board game with units that you can deploy and power up to defeat your foes across the board. Epic Arena boasts 2 modes of play with duel mode and blitz mode, and features two different teams from which to choose: The Legion of Chaos and The brotherhood Of Order both of which have their own unique units, spells and team traits. It also claims to have a true cross platform experience, letting gamers play anywhere, any time, from any device. If definitely looks pretty interesting if you're a strategist and love the difficulty of outhinking your opponents. You can grab it from the link here.

Noodlecake Studios Finally Released Devious Dungeon To AndroidDevious Dungeon

You may or may not be familiar with Noodlecake games or ravenous games, but in either case they have put out some rather awesome games on Android. They all have an 8-bit/pixelated retro style to them, which is half of the fun. They have other games like Random Heroes and League of Evil, as well as one of my personal favorites which has been Punch Quest. Devious Dungeon is a medieval action platformer that will let you fight your way through some rather devious and dangerous looking dungeons all for the victory of glory and the promise of awesome loot. Tons of Randomized levels across five different worlds should keep you busy, with boss battles to keep things challenging, lots of weapons and gear with RPG styled upgrades, a mission system and achievements. There's lots to love here, and it can all be yours for the price of $1.99 from the Play Store.


Plants vs Zombies 2 Received The Dark Ages Part 2 Update This weekplants-vs-zombies-2-review-3

Plants vs Zombies 2 has been out for some time now and it just recently got a new update this week, with the Dark Ages Part 2 update. There are 10 new levels to enjoy and two new plants to help you get rid of those shambling horrors, magnetshroom and peanut. There is also a new boss battle and a new arthurian challenge as well as two new zombies, the wizard zombie and the king zombie. If the game wasn't difficult enough for you before perhaps these new zombie units can change that. If you aren't already playing Plants vs Zombies 2 and/or haven't already updated the game if you are, hit the Play Store link here to do that and enjoy the new content.