Android Epic App Battles: Fleksy V.S. Swiftkey

August 1, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

This battle should be able to resonate with just about anyone, as most people probably tend to run a third party keyboard for use with typing on their Android devices. There are many, many third party keyboard options available on the Play Store and there are lots of good ones. There are only a few “great” ones though and today we’re going over a couple of the best that are out there. Fleksy and Swiftkey. Both these keyboards should be able to appeal to a wide variety of people depending on what you like best, but both also have their niche features and things that are considered better to certain people. Some people may use the stock keyboard which is fine, but these keyboards take things to the next level and provide a stellar typing experience for anyone willing to put in the time of using them consistently to make them the best that they can be. Lets take a look at both and you can decide in the G+ comments who deserves to be the victor here.


Fleksy is somewhat of a newcomer to the third party keyboard game, at least when you compare it up against the behemoth known as Swiftkey. That doesn’t make it less functional or for that matter, less appealing however. In fact, Fleksy has been gaining ground quickly since its release last year and they are grabbing up more followers and users every day. Fleksy’s claim to fame is that it is literally the fastest and most accurate typing experience you’ll ever have on touch screen keyboard. That might be a little bit of an extreme statement, but it seems to be working for them because it really is the fastest and most accurate typing experience I have ever personally had with my smartphones or tablets, and many other users have the same experience. The prediction is set up just so that when you type you can type quickly and it will still get your words right even if you type multiple incorrect characters. That isn’t to say that it works that way every single time, but mostly.

It provides you with multiple options for customizing your keyboard from colored themes, to keyboard sizes and even an invisible keyboard that can provide the user with 100% of their screen space while they type. A feature like that might seem crazy, but once you get to know the invisible keyboard layout it actually is pretty awesome. Fleksy also provides a little bit of fun to your typing experience, giving you badges to try and collect for certain things almost like the badges you might collect inside of Foursquare. Fleksy supports emojis too, and lots of them at 600+. It also supports a wide variety of different languages, with 37 different languages and three more on the way very soon, and constant updates with more to be added in the future. Fleksy also has gestures incorporated so that users can take advantage of easier and faster ways to complete words, delete mistakes, save words to your dictionary and so on. Simply swipe to the left to delete a whole word for example. It also has cloud personalization so that it can learn from you and the other places where you type so that it can add words on its own from your gmail, twitter, facebook, and others. Fleksy has a free version as well as a paid version that comes with a decent amount of themes. Some are unlockable in the free version by collecting badges too.


Swiftkey is pretty much a powerhouse in the third party keyboard market. For a while they were holding place as the absolute favorite over any other keyboard, and there’s a good reason for that. They offer a really great typing experience. Just like Fleksy, Swiftkey has personalization options to help the keyboard learn from your feeds, gmail etc. and it also has tap type or swiping options, another element that Fleksy has well. Swiftkey’s auto correct and predictions work in a different way then Fleksy’s but some will argue that it works better and is hands down the best. I personally found this to be an amazing keyboard that has lived up to the hype, but like Fleksy it does take a little getting used to so you can become as efficient as possible when typing and it takes a little bit of time if you want it to learn from you. The more you use it, the more it learns and the better it will function. When it comes to themes, Swiftkey’s themes are a little different. They can sometimes look a little more interactive or they can be simple colors. Since Swiftkey has made the jump to a completely free keyboard option, some themes are included but most are considered premium and are available as IAP downloads. Swiftkeys unique niche is being able to undock and split up portions of the keyboard. You can move the keyboard to a specific portion of the screen so it doesn’t have to stay docked at the bottom, and you can even split up the left and right sections so that each thumb(if you type with two)takes on one side. It also supports more emojis and more languages than Fleksy at current(as well it should since it’s quite a bit older)with 800 total emojis and support for over 60 languages.

So, which keyboard deserves to be the champion? Who should be crowned king? Both keyboards offer some really great features and both are available for free. Fleksy is able to be extremely accurate while still being lighting fast, as well as put a fun spin on things with badge collections and theme unlocks. Swiftkey lets you undock and place your keyboard in various spots on your screen where you feel it’s most comfortable, and it also has more language support and more included emojis. So, Fleksy or Swiftkey?