Android Epic App Battles: Facebook VS Twitter

This is the battle of two of the top social networks, Facebook and Twitter. Although we all know that we really enjoy Google+ the most right? Between these two older social feeds though, which deserves to be the crowned king? The social champ? Both have been around for years, but they also both offer a fairly different form of social experience. Facebook gives you access to far more stuff in your feeds when it comes to content. Twitter is a lot more simplistic. It all pretty much boils down to what you'd rather read doesn't it? I myself stick to Twitter more because I prefer the short posts. Sometimes Facebook is good for those longer status updates with more information though, because sometimes you need all that information. Lets find out some differences between the two and then decide on a winner shall we?


Bring up a conversation about social networks and Facebook is probably the one that will be the most recognizable among a widespread group of different people. Lots of people use it, old or young, and it has been around for years. It has grown into a behemoth but its growth has slowed quite a bit over the last couple of years. Chances are most of your friends are on Facebook, and probably your family too. Sometimes that's the problem. You may only like seeing those family members at annual gatherings because you might only be able to tolerate them for a few hours out of the year. Facebook is more than just posts about status updates and what kind of sandwich you had for lunch though, or what your new cat looks like(insert cat photo and videos here), it's a social gathering place where you can go and read up on the people that are closest to you.

Check up on friends and family, read the news from pages you like, watch videos, play games... today Facebook pretty much does everything. People have concerns about Facebook's privacy policies, yet we use it anyway. You can post albums of photos to Facebook so you can share tons of memories with friends and family in an instant, or you can see the other photos that people have shared. Everything pretty much comes together in a nice cohesive little timeline. You can post to people's walls, send them a private message now with Facebook messenger, and once upon a time you used to be able to poke people. Facebook is full of its charms and features and could probably very easily be considered the most popular. You can like people's posts, share them if you want to spread the word, comment on posts and so on. Yes, Facebook does a lot. However sometimes it might feel like just a little bit too much. Facebook is free to use just like every other social media service, and you can use it just about every single platform. You can also create your profile and fill it with all kinds of information and details about yourself, or of course in the name of privacy you can leave it as blank as possible.


Twitter is a social network, but it's much more of a different beast than Facebook. You can still create profiles and fill in a few key details, but on the scale that people can do with their profiles on Facebook. Your profile also takes on more of an RSS feed style filled with tweets instead of a timeline full of photos and videos, public messages and news shares, or comments about how great Friday night was with that embarrassing picture that you'd hoped would just go away. Twitter is more about quick snippets of information, unlike the traditional Facebook status update that spans a small portion of the first chapter of a novel. Twitter's status updates(tweets)are limited to 140 characters max, so things are kept light and to the point. Twitter is great for following your favorite news sources, friends, or other celebrities/companies/games/movies etc. and getting the latest of what's going on in their lives. You can reply to people's tweets just like you can comment on someone's Facebook post, and you can re-tweet something if you want to share it to your own immediate Twitter feed so others that follow you will see it. Twitter doesn't support games, although you can share videos to Twitter and view them right in the feed. Twitter is a lot less clunky then Facebook, but that's exactly what some people are looking for. If you enjoy following people and getting the latest updates on what's happening or being the first person catch a breaking story, Twitter is the social network for you.

So what's the better app for being social and catching up on the latest? Both apps have their respective strong points, and equally their shortcomings. Facebook is packed with more content, Twitter however seems to be better at delivering the latest information about the stuff you care about. When it comes to social networks, it's really all about what you want out of them. Would you rather have all of the bells and whistles and be able to share, post, and chat about everything under the sun? Or do you just want to get your status updates, quick and easy, and be on your way?

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