Android App Updates Aug. 22nd, 2014: Sunrise, Yahoo, Dropbox and More!


Sunrise Calendar bumps up to v1.2

Sunrise Calendar got a somewhat small update, although to others it's going to be a rather huge update. Basically, it added Microsoft Exchange support. Now this is what most businesses use for their email, and calendars. So this is important for those that want to keep their business calendar on their phone, but use a much better featured calendar app.

Yahoo Updates with Digital Magazines

Screenshot 2014-08-22 09.49.34


This week, Yahoo updated their news app with what they are calling digital magazines. Basically what it is, is categories. It's not really magazines. So if you were hoping that you could get your favorite magazine from this app, think again. You'll still need something like Google Play Newsstand.

Carousel Gets Android L Support


Carousel, which is one of Dropbox's new apps, got a nice update this week. It got a few features and changes. But the most notable is Android L support. Here's the full changelog. Quickly hide or delete groups of photos and videos in your Carousel. Automatic backup of photos and videos is optional. Recipients don't need Carousel to view shared photos and videos. Carousel works on Android L.


Google Shopping Express Gets Updated with Design Tweaks

Screenshot 2014-08-22 09.52.48

Google was a bit quite this week with app updates. But they did update Google Shopping Express. Although it wasn't a huge update. It did get a few design tweaks and new notifications. Which you can see the design tweaks in the screenshots above.

Simple 2.0

Screenshot 2014-08-22 09.54.22


Many of you may have heard of Simple banking. Well it just hit version 2.0 on both Android and iOS. It's a pretty big update, along with instant transfers. They also updated the Goals section, and overhauled the entire app, which is always nice to see. So now if you're saving for something big, it's much easier.