Android How To: Add/Remove Micro SD Card on the LG G3

August 11, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Looking to add a Micro SD Card to your LG G3? Or maybe you want to take it out. Well it’s not that hard actually, but we’re still going to show you how it’s done. You’ll need to pop off the back cover of your LG G3. Behind the back cover you’ll find the SIM card and SD card slots stacked on top of each other on the right side of the camera and volume/power buttons. If you have the LG G3 Cat. 6 version, the SD card will be on the left side, and not on top of the SIM card slot. Now you will need to pop out the battery to slide the SD card out of the slot. Or to put it back in. This also works for removing or changing the SIM card on the LG G3 – and for those that don’t know, the LG G3 uses a micro SIM card.

Just like that you can add an extra 128GB of storage to your LG G3, making it a 160GB phone, unless you have the 16GB version then that’d be a 144GB smartphone. Still plenty of space for everything though. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments down below.