Amazon Puts all Chromebooks on Sale, for Back-To-School

AH HP Chrome Chromebook 14 3

Here’s another back to school sale, this time it’s from Amazon and for their Chromebooks. They have taken $20 or more off of all the Chromebooks listed on Amazon’s website. So you can pick up the Acer C720 for $179, or the HP Chromebook 14 LTE for $316. There are some pretty decent deals here, and plenty of Chromebooks to choose from as well. Also both the ASUS C200 and C300 are on sale for $229 right now, so you can pick your poison for the same price. Chromebooks are great for school because they are light-weight and portable. They also allow you to take notes easily and do all kinds of other things. But if you can’t do everything for school you need to do in a web browser, than a Chromebook isn’t for you. As that’s all that’s in a Chromebook, is just Google Chrome. So watch out for that. Otherwise, head to the link below and pick up a Chromebook of your choosing.

Amazon Chromebooks