Amazon Publishes Sev Zero: Air Support to the Google Play Store, Lets Android Tablet Users Become Player 2


The Amazon Fire TV has been out a while now, receiving rave reviews from Alex, who said it was "pretty darn good" and that gaming on it was "amazing". While there might not be a vast range of games exclusive to the Fire TV just yet, one that has received good review is Sev Zero, a game that combines both past-paced shooting action and the strategy of tower defense. In what could be described as a shock move away from its usual walled-garden strategy when it comes to its applications, Amazon have released a tablet only companion app for Sev Zero on the Google Play Store. If you are wondering if the companion app is only for Kindle Fire tablets, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can use it with pretty much any old Android tablet.

The companion app is called Sev Zero: Air Support, and unlike the usual array of companion apps that merely give stats, track achievements or the ability to customise your character,  it enables a second player to join the game as Player 2, performing such actions as firing missiles, freezing enemies and plotting defensive traps. Player 2 has access to 6 different weapons and power-ups, and can help Player 1 become more powerful by collecting energy to perform upgrades. It sounds pretty good right? Using your Android tablet to get in the middle of the action along with a friend using a gaming controller on the Fire TV. There are some pictures below in the gallery of Player 2 in action.


Sev Zero: Air Support is pretty much compatible with any recent tablet, so long as its running Android version 2.3 GingerBread or newer. The app carries a low-maturity rating, its a 69MB download and is available at the Google Play Store by clicking the link below. At present, thanks to the Fire TV only being officially available in the States, the companion app will have a limited audience, but if you have the Fire TV and haven't tried the game yet, click here for a direct link to the game on the Amazon App Store.

Assuming that you have both the Amazon Fire TV, and a gaming controller, let us know how you get on using the Sev Zero: Air Support companion app in the comments or at our Google Plus page.





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