Amazon gives developers the ability to test their app against every Android device through "Live App Testing"

Amazon appstore screenshot

Normally app developers test their apps out on devices that they might have around or they sometimes might even turn to forums. This might not be enough because there is plethora of Android devices out there all sporting different form factors, screen sizes and resolutions. A developer also has to take into account that there are also a couple different versions of Android as well and this doesn’t include just the version number. They have to take into consideration that there are different skins as well which might make their app function a little differently that they expected. So it is very beneficial that, according to Amazon, developers using this service for the Amazon App Store will be able to test their app against all Android devices, including all Amazon devices such as the Fire tablets, TV and phone.

Amazon has now launched a service called “Live App Testing” which allows developers to more easily and efficiently distribute their apps to Q&A and beta testers. No longer do developers have to wait for the foul mouthed complaints or insults of some users to determine what needs fixing in their apps. Developers also now have far much more power over who gets to test out their apps because they are allowed to hand pick the type of testers that they want. Amazon explains that the developer does not have to worry about who is testing their app because they ensure that only the type of testers defined by the developer are the ones that they will choose from.

Once invited, testers will receive an email and instructions on how to download the app and begin testing. The testers will look for bugs and report anything that they find by sending in usage data back to the developer. In order to thoroughly test the apps testers are given access to everything within the app including in app purchases. Amazon has included an excellent feature for developers here but Google already provided their way of allowing developers to test devices in this manner by way of Google Play beta testing over a year ago.