AH Tech Talk: What Does Samsung Need To Re-Brand itself?

Image - it is everything when you are a corporation...it is your identity in the minds of a very diverse public, such as investors, employees and most of all, customers.  Corporate Communication Departments are tasked to build this identity in accordance with business objectives and manifest itself by way of branding, trademarks and product design.  It is also their job to maintain and nurture this public identity so as not to confuse their customers....Samsung has not done a very good job in the latter, especially when you consider their marketing budget.  It is no secret that Samsung is struggling with their identity - they have lost their way and need to get back on track if they want to compete against their archrival, Apple. Well, tech-lover and blogger, Aziz Firat, believes that Samsung needs to overhaul themselves.  Not one simply to talk, Aziz has given Samsung his own designs and thoughts on how they should do this - Check out the picture gallery at the end as we discuss some of his ideas.  It is not so much the physical design of the products changing, it's the simple things like consistency among categories and simple logo changes and even in the boxing that makes all of the difference in re-branding a product.

Aziz starts off by showing us past logos of Samsung products - they have changed over the years, but he thinks it is time for a new look.  The current one he calls a "copycat" of other designs and that it has a "plastic" look to it...kind of a 'peel and stick' if you will.  He looks at their Galaxy S5 and wonders if they really need the name at the top of the device and observes that the name, Samsung Galaxy S5 uses no less than three different fonts.  He then points out that Samsung released ten different tablets in 2014 - do consumers really know the difference between them or their names? Aziz then proposes his new Samsung logo, a modern looking 'S' and a bold and simple font for 'Samsung."  He says that the 'S' stands for Simplicity, Quality and Unity.  The 'S' goes back to Minimalistic design without the Samsung name all over every product...he even advocates that names on the front of smartphones should be banned.  He points out that minor changes can  make such a big difference and that each product category should have its own identity or colored box - he is looking for consistency.

Finally, Aziz shows us what the new lineup would look like and another very important change is what software is on what device.  He advocates Android for smartphones and tablets and Samsung's own Tizen for TV, Home Audio, Home Appliances, Digital Imaging, Gear devices and Printers while using Chrome for Notebooks.  He then shows some ways the new logo could be used and how it would look. Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know what you think of Aziz's designs and thought process...as always, we would love to hear from you.


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