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It is well known that Google is one of the most desirable employers in the world. The wages they pay out to their employees are thorough the roof and perks which you get along with the job are also nothing to scoff at. To name a few: never ending gourmet food, you can bring your dog to work, free gyms and other sport-oriented activities, free concierge service, day care and many others. What struck me most back when I first heard of it was the money paid out to an employees spouse in the event of passing. When a Google employee passes away, his/hers spouse gets half of the deceased Googler's salary for the next 10 years, next to the life insurance of course. On top of that, if they have any children, they get an additional $1,000 a month until the age of 19. No matter whether you love Google or not, these are some significant perks. As far as salary goes, here are the top 10 paid positions at Google (salary data was pulled from Glassdoor)

Starting with number 10 where User Experience Researchers are located, their job is to find out how customers feel about a certain product, basically how much the customer likes the product and its design. Their annual salary is $112,536. A step above them, at number 9, are Product Marketing Managers whose job is to figure out what the customers want out of Google's products. This sounds awfully lot like a User Experience Researcher position, but it is more demanding as far as researching goes. Product Marketing Managers receive $118,217 a year. Number 8 is taken by Software Engineers, they receive $118,994 a year and their job is rather important considering they're the ones who are coding the products you love and use on a daily basis, such as Gmail, Drive, Search and even the Android platform itself for example.

Sales Engineers are located at number 7 and their salary is $119,603 a year. Their job is to take care of any technical issues Google products might have. Right next to them, on number 6, you can find Site Reliability Engineers whose job is to make sure Google sites don't go down at any point. Everything has to run smoothly and without difficulties, they are paid $124,194 to make sure it stays that way. Software Research Engineers are occupying number 5 on this list. Their job is to research new projects Google might want to get into, like it was the case with self-driving cars and Google Glass for example. They are paid $126,916 to find projects like that. Product Managers are located at number 4 and receive $138,951 for coordinating everything. They are constantly controlling other departments (like the ones listed above) in order to make sure everything goes as planned.

We're kicking off the top 3 with Research Engineers. They receive $140,039 for researching all sorts of things, though mainly hardware. A step up, at number 2, is where Research Scientists are located. Google deploys scientist in many of its divisions, search divisions as well. Their salary is $145,785. You wonder who is at the top of this list? The answer is... Senior Software Engineers, as you might have expected. These engineers are paid $152,985 in order to take care of coding and software development alongside other software-related jobs. Though they do it on a larger and more important scale than regular software engineers. Opinions differ of course, but I bet most people would like to work for Google. Their salary standards alongside aforementioned perks definitely make them one of the most desirable employers nowadays. If you'd like to check out numbers 11-20 follow the source link below. Would you like to work for Google? If you had the chance of course.

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