AH Giveaway: Two LG G3 Cases Up for Grabs! – 8/22/14


This week's giveaway is for those with the LG G3, or looking to grab the LG G3. We've reviewed a ton of cases for the LG G3 already, and now it's time to give a few more away. This week we've got a couple of Verus' cases up for grabs. We've got their faux leather Quick Circle case as well as their Iron Shield case. The Iron Shield was actually one of my favorite cases for the LG G3, as it looked amazing and felt great in the hand. And it can be yours, if luck is on your side this week. If you haven't already check out our review for their Verus Quick Circle Window and the Verus Iron Shield cases.

Verus makes all kinds of great cases for many devices, including the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 and others. We just recently started working with them on cases and so far we are really impressed with their cases, and can't wait to see what they do for upcoming Galaxy Note 4 and the Moto X+1. They have about 6 or 7 different cases for the LG G3, and we've reviewed them all.


So onto the giveaway. It'll work just like every other giveaway. We're starting it now and running it through next Thursday. So you've got until August 28th to enter. So how can you enter? Well we've laid all the options out down below. But you only need to complete one to enter. Each additional task is an extra entry for the contest.

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That's just how easy it is. As a reminder, it'll run through August 28th, so make sure you enter before then. And good luck to all!