Acer Announces the Chromebook 13 CB5 With NVIDIA Tegra K1

Acer Chromebook 13 CB5 311 AcerWP app 03

It's been leaked a few times, but now it's official. Acer has a brand new Chromebook that they've announced this morning. It's the Chromebook 13 CB5. Which I can't wait to get my hands on, seeing as it is a 13-inch Chromebook, and has a full HD resolution display (not really a fan of the 11-inch models). The CB5 is available in both 1920×1080 and 1366×768 resolution displays. So there are plenty of options to choose from here. All of the configurations are running on an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, as well as two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI port and a webcam.

The Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T9B0 has the 1920×1080 full HD display, 2GB of RAM and a fast 16GB Solid State Drive. It is priced at only $299.99 and is currently on pre-order at Best Buy only.  The Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU has a 1920×1080 full HD display, 4GB of RAM and a fast 32GB Solid State Drive. Is on sale for $379 and is up for pre-order at Amazon right now. The Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T7NN has a 1366×768 display, 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD drive. It is priced at only $279.99 and is currently on pre-order at Amazon. Battery life is also being quoted as 11 hours, which is still quite good, and even better than what the C720 was sitting at with a Haswell chip inside. It'll be interesting to see how well it does when we get our hands on one.


Additionally, Acer is offering another model that has a 1366×768 resolution display 4GB of RAM, and 16GB SSD, for commercial and education customers. This will cost about $329. Which isn't bad considering you do get 4GB of RAM, which I think is necessary for Chrome.

So far there's no word on when these will actually be available – when the pre-orders end – but it shouldn't be too long, especially since they are up for pre-order already. How many of you are interested in the new Chromebook 13 CB5 line of Chromebooks? I'm definitely interested since it is a 13-inch Chromebook. I just hope the Tegra K1 performs better than the Exynos 5 dual-core did in the first Samsung ARM Chromebook.


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