According To A New Study, Slow Growth Plagues the Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone AH 23

According to a new study conducted by Chitika, the all new Amazon Fire Phone is off to a slow start. The study published Tuesday states that the growth of the fire phone is slow and isn’t keeping up with competitors such at the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Before we get into the many factors and numbers of why the phone hasn’t gotten so far, lets go over how Chitika obtained their information. The firm is called Chitika Insights and the way they came about their information was by tracking the activity growth of the Fire Phone through ad impressions.

The firm also used the number of times the ads appeared before a user. Through those techniques, Chitika was able to gauge the popularity of the Fire Phone by the amount of activity from mobile web accessed through the phone. Now for numbers, apparently Chitika based their study off of tens of millions of ad views. Their network range was over 350,000 websites, which is a pretty wide scale. Within the first 20 days of the Fire phones release, the device only accounted for 0.02 percent of traffic. Thats rather small compared to other flagship phones that have hit the market.

The reason for the slow growth of the Fire Phone is due to its exclusive carrier. If you are interested in getting a Fire Phone you have to get service through AT&T, whether you bought the device with our without contract. The data is also no surprise to analysts who have already predicted that the growth would be slow due to the exclusive carrier. According to the study, “The somewhat mild adoption of the Fire Phone may be seen as an expected consequence given the smartphone’s carrier exclusivity.” When the Fire Phone was compared to the growth of other phones, the device fell short. Compared to the LG G3, the G3 reached 0.06 percent within its first 20 days. The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that reached a whopping 0.19 percent in only 11 days. Both of these phones were released under multiple carriers, so the devices were not chained down to just one provider. Amazon has yet to release actual sales figures for their Fire Phone but when they do, we will make sure we keep you up to date.