Worldwide Android News 07/28/14 – LG G3 S, Transport for London, Google Flight Search and More!

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Google’s Flight Search Now Available in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

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Google’s Flight Search is a pretty nifty tool and has been available for quite some time now, with the ability to check, compare and even book flights from a simple interface. It’s a nice way of cutting through all the rubbish when booking a simple flight and now, it’s available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. If you’re in either of those regions just add ‘flights’ to the add of your respective Google address and it even works great on mobile, too!

Spice to Offer Firefox Phone and Android One Device before Diwali

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India’s Spice telecom is looking to release some of their cheapest devices yet, with a Firefox phone running Mozilla’s OS to hit before Diwali for just RS 1,500. Moreover, the work on an Android One device, the platform that Google is driving to deliver up-to-date quality hardware at prices near RS 6,000 is underway. For those looking for an affordable device from an Indian brand later this year will be able to look to Spice and their Android One and Firefox phone offerings, rather than relying on Chinese brands.

LG G3 S Goes Up for Pre-Order in the UK



The smaller version of the G3, the G3 Beat is to be known as the G3 S in Europe and while it’s already been priced in Germany at €349, the UK pricing is a little different. Online retailer Mobile-Fun has the G3 S up for pre-order at £299, which is about the same as a 16GB Nexus 5. This is a completely unlocked device however, and some of the perks have made it over to the 5-inch 720p version of the G3, like laser autofocus and those quirky buttons. Knock Code and such are all here as well, but a device with a Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM shouldn’t really be retailing for as much as £300.

Xiaomi’s Mi4 to Use MSM8274AC Snapdragon 801 in WCDMA Version

Xiaomi MI4


Last week, Xioami released their Mi4, the latest and greatest flagship from the company and while it’s packed full of specs, there’s something that might disappoint some users in China. Instead of the MSM8974AC version of the Snapdragon 801 being used in the 4G LTE version, the WCDMA version will use the MSM8274AC, which means no 4G connectivity at all, which is a shame however, Xiaomi will be releasing different versions throughout August and September, so sit tight.

Meizu Receives Cash Injection as They Become a Public Company



Meizu, like Xiaomi, is a Chinese brand known for their focus on software design as well clean, powerful hardware. However, the company has struggled to keep on top of the smartphone game in China as he proliferation of Android and cheaper smartphones cut into their profits. This is all poised to change however, as the company is transitioning from a private firm to a public one with investments rumored to be in the region of 20 Billion Yuan. Staff members are reportedly being given stock in the company and there’s a rumored launch of four LTE smartphones to hit market later this year. No matter what though, it looks like Xiaomi is about to enjoy some stiff competition from Meizu.

Transport for London to add Contactless Payment Options this September


In London, using public transport to get around is pretty much a must considering how bad traffic is in the capital, but it’s also a good idea in general. Those familiar with public transport in London will know how easy it is to board a bus using an Oyster card thanks to the contactless payment method. Now, Transport for London will be rolling this out to the London Overground, Underground, DLR, and the Tram service will be upgraded. While this is great news for Oyster card holders, it’s not great news for anyone not on EE’s network. The only way you’ll be able to pay using your smartphone in London is with a compatible smartphone and EE’s cash on tap app so, if you were hoping for universal adoption, this isn’t it.

Xiaomi Launches App to Tell if Your Mi Phone is Genuine or Not


In China, it’s fairly to easy to purchase something that looks like it is something, but it’s really something else entirely. As such, there’s a big issue with counterfeit Xiaomi devices. In order to help combat this, the company has released an app that will tell you if your Xiaomi is a genuine Xiaomi or not.