Will Wearable Displays Soon Become A Fashion Statement?

At first glance, Google Glass may look like an odd piece of machinery sitting on a persons face. Although the device may have a funky look, Glass has pushed our boundaries and has placed us into the futuristic setting we have seen on TV for many years. The odd look of Glass has made Google venture out into the red carpet at fashion week to break away from looking unordinary to a fashionable accessory. The extra work that Google is putting in to make their wearable devices fit in may soon come to an end.

According to a new report by Business Insider, Co-founder and chief scientist of Atheer Labs, Soulaiman Itani, says that wearable devices such as Google Glass can look as natural as a pair of sunglasses. So just how far away is this phenomena? Well according to Itani, just 3 to 4 years. Right now, Atheer Labs is currently in the process of creating their first wearable device. The device was first going to be marketed for consumer use but they have changed course and are now aiming for industrial and enterprise users. The company started a campaign on Indiegogo to fund their project with an initial goal of $100,000. The goal was surpassed and the company raised more than $200,000. With the amount of money raised, it shows how much people really want to see a device that can fashionably fit in.

To give you a little insight on what Atheer Labs device will look like, the wearable display will simply look like a regular pair of sunglasses. The only difference will be the side arms of the device which will be a bit bulky because thats where all the computing components and sensors will be placed. The physical appearance will be more widely accepted, rather than overlooked. Itani also believes that wearable devices will become more useful once smart home devices become popular. "Everything will be intelligent, [and] you'll need a control," Itani said. he later added, "People try to use their phones [today]. That's not the right way." Wearable devices will change all of that in the near future when people can simply control everything in their house via smart glasses. The future of wearable displays seems a bit brighter than it has been lately. Their weak fashion statement has caused them to slip through the cracks. Hopefully, with the wearable displays that Atheer Labs are creating, the future of the wearables will shine bright and look nice on your face. As usual, share your thoughts with us. What do you think about Google Glass and the wearable displays that Atheer Labs are making? Let us know in the comments.

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