Will Android L Bring New Permission Standards Or Will They Continue As They Always Have?

Many people have had an issue with the way that Android apps handle permissions and we don't blame them. Essentially any application that you want to install comes along with certain permissions and by installing that application you're permitting the app to go along and utilize the things that it's asking for before the app is even downloaded. While most of us just go along with the permissions from the apps we adore and use on a daily basis, it could be better to give users the option to accept or decline permissions on an individual level when they go to use an application, instead of having to accept them or go on without the app at all.

Lots of the best and most reputable applications don't ask for permissions that are too outlandish, but all the same as a user wants to install any given app, they have to accept those permissions if they want to use it. There is less choice there for the user. Android has always done things this way when it comes to permissions, and it can more or less be considered a one time question of whether or not users want to permit certain apps to have access to certain things, however it still leaves less of a choice for the user as applications are only available to you if you accept the permissions. Hopefully when we see an official release with Android L Google will change this and allow permissions to be accepted or not on a feature based level, which would allow users to install apps and at the time of using said application, would ask for the permissions to do things like use your location for example(which many apps currently request)but still give the option to decline the use of the location tracker.

If we were to see this change made to app permissions for everything going forward, users would have a little more control over what each application would be asking for the rights to access. The possible downside is that some users may not want to be bothered each and every time an application wants to access certain data to provide a better user experience. Accepting things as the app is being installed gets it out of the way immediately and for good, but it's also a take it or leave it scenario. If you want to use an app, you have to accept the permissions with no if''s, and's, or but's. Do you mind permissions being this way? Or would you rather have the option to use an app but decline a specific permission when the application asks for it?

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