Virgin’s New Walmart Exclusive Plan Will Limit Web Access To Four Social Sites

July 30, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Anyone interested in Virgin Mobile wireless plans is soon to have a new option to consider. If you were looking at the smaller Sprint owned carrier you’ll also have to be prepared to brave the halls of Walmart if you want to get  your hands on this plan. Virgin Mobile and Walmart are joining forces, sort of, to offer an exclusive new wireless plan for customers who want something that is prepaid and customizable, and has the option for limited web connectivity, if that’s your goal when it comes to having a mobile phone. The phone plans are ridiculously cheap to start, and users will even be able to set up to five lines.

Plans will start at about $7 a month($6.98 exactly)for each line the user wants to set up, and the ideal candidate for someone on a plan like this is any user who isn’t concerned with web browsing a ton on their mobile device. This is because the web access is limited as Sprint is going to be restricting which websites people can have access to. By that we mean they’ll be limiting access to only a handful of the most popular social media sites, to put a focus on this plan for people who like to browse social media but aren’t really concerned with using mobile web for anything else. Which means no unlimited web access, and no spending three hours a day cruising through Amazon and Ebay looking for the perfect salad bowl. Users will be able to surf and browse through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

The wireless plans will be available exclusively in Walmart stores beginning August 9th, so if this is the perfect plan for you don’t go rushing out to your nearest Walmart location demanding to set it up just yet. While the plans will start at just under $7, they can range from that low cost to as high as $30 or $40 depending on you wireless needs, with users being able to customize the amount of minutes and messages they want on a given monthly basis. When it comes to the web access, you can unlock service to one of the four websites listed at $5 a pop, or bundle it all for $15 and get access to all four sites, so that $6.98 a month doesn’t actually include your web needs and is just the base cost. It’s definitely a little unconventional but there are users out there who only use social media and don’t really use the web on their mobile phones, so this might not be such a bad idea.