Verizon's HTC One Remix Leaks Again in Promo Video; Sure Looks like the One Mini 2


HTC has had plans to release a Verizon specific device called the HTC One Remix. The device has been leaked a few times with image after image of the device. One of the bits of detail that has been left out of the leaks has been the release date of the Remix. However, we could be getting very close as a new promo video was leaked – as noticed by Android Police – and then promptly taken down.

The HTC One Remix is just a simple rebranding of a device called the HTC One Mini 2. Based off the leaked images, it seems to be the second device in the "Mini" lineup and the "mini" version of HTC's latest flagship device-the HTC One M8. However, this device seems to only take design aspects away from the older brother-the M8. One of the key features of the HTC One M8 was the Duo Camera.


The Duo Camera on the M8 has met with mixed feelings among consumers. Though the editing features the Duo Camera allows is definitely worth a try if you haven't used one yet. Unfortunately, the Duo Camera isn't present on the One Remix. Instead, the camera has been replaced with a 13MP camera on the back. While some may see this as a negative, there will surely be those who feel a 13MP camera makes more sense for a smartphone currently. While the camera is one important aspect of the device, the rest of the specs suggest a mid-range device.

The One Remix is meant to be a smaller cheaper version of the HTC One M8, so these specs were expected. According to Android Police (who spotted the video before it was taken down) the video was accompanied by a description that gave away some specs of the Remix. When released, we'll see a 4.5-inch HD display, with a curved back and similar design to the M8. In the spirit of keeping the price down, the device will not be made of metal-rather plastic of some kind. If the Remix in the US, is anything like the international version of the HTC One Mini 2, it will still have the front facing BoomSound speakers, 1GB RAM and a Snapdragon 400 processor.

When the device is released officially by Verizon here in the US, it will more than likely launch with Android 4.4.2 with software upgrades in the future as a strong possibility. Though the video was pulled, Android Police did get a couple of views in, and according to them, this device is definitely the One Mini 2-just rebranded as the HTC One Remix.


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