Verizon Terminates Device Payment Program In Favor Of EDGE

All good things come to an end sooner or later. Unlike Taco Bell's beefy crunch wrap burrito that disappears and reappears on the menu, Verizon Wireless has permanently killed off their Device Payment Program on July 13. If you are not too familiar with the Device Payment Program, here's a little description of what it was about. The Payment Program by Verizon was an option for users to avoid joining the EDGE program. The Program also let users keep their current unlimited data plans, enabling them to buy a full price phone and pay the device off in 12 monthly payments. What was great about it is that it never messed with your data plan, so say if you got a new phone, your unlimited data that you were getting would just transfer on over and you would pay off a new phone. The program may sound nice but the deal wasn't all that great. For the Device Payment Program you had to pay a $2 monthly fee, which probable isn't too bad if you have unlimited data and wanted to stay away from joining EDGE.

According to Verizon's support page, "Beginning 7/13/14, the Device Payment Program will no longer be available for new orders. If you'd like to purchase a new phone or tablet on an installment plan, you may be eligible to participate in our Verizon Edge program." So what if you are already in the program currently paying off a phone? Well you will stay in the program until your balance is paid off, than when you want to get a new phone you will have to join the EDGE program. The bad part about joining EDGE is that you will have to give up the unlimited data plan that you were holding on to for so long and begin fooling around with the More Everything Plan. So what are your thoughts about the termination of Verizon's Device Payment Program? Were you a part of it? If so let us know about losing your unlimited data plan and having to switch to EDGE. Unlimited data has seen better days, seems like people are more about the money.

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