Uber's "Black Car" Fleet In Philadelphia Gets Free WiFi From Google Starting Today

AH Uber App 1.0

Taxi’s can be great in a pinch, especially if your destination is an extremely important one. What are all taxi cabs missing though? If you guessed in car draft pours or snacks for passengers during the ride, you’d be completely wrong but that would definitely be the best cab ride of my life. Nope, the real answer to that question was WiFi access, and Google,(surprise, surprise)aims to be the company to make WiFi during your ride a reality. In fact they already have, at least in Uber black vehicles, and only in Philadelphia for now. However with the possibility that WiFi inside of Philadelphia’s Uber Black fleet vehicles could become a big hit, that would have to leave the door open for other Uber vehicles in other cities to get the WiFi treatment as well. That will have to wait of course though, and it’s in no way a definite thing, just more of a hope on our end.

The free WiFi access is available to passengers of Uber Black vehicles starting today and the service will be available through Labor Day. Should you be in the area during these times and opt to call for an Uber ride pickup, you’ll be able to use the WiFi access in those vehicles while you’re on your way to your destination. The idea behind it all was to provide a way for business professionals to access the internet in case they wanted to work during their trip to and from where ever they’re going.

Not sure how you would guarantee yourself an Uber black car with WiFi inside? Uber has made the action as simple as possible. Once inside the app, there is a WiFi button at the top that you’ll need to slide into an “on” position, much like you were turning on your devices WiFi to use it on any network to connect. From that point on you simply just request a “Black Car” and that’s that. Although most people already have data features connected to their wireless plans these days, the free Black Car WiFi feature would make it easy to connect up to the internet and work or browse for free without having to use your own data allotment. As this type of service from Uber is still new they want to set up a couple expectations for potential passengers. WiFi connections may not be ideal in some areas, and WiFi enabled Black Cars are sure to be in high demand at certain points of the day so it may be a little difficult to get the ride you want, in which case, users would just have to connect using their own data or wait till they get where they’re going.