U.S. Customers Are Saying Why They Bought the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was never the huge hit that Samsung was hoping it would be - oh, it is selling okay, but not the way a Samsung flagship should be selling.  It was criticized from day one about the display resolution - Full HD, rather than QHD - it was severely put down for not including a metal enclosure, like the HTC One M8 - and let's not forget about the 'Band Aid' styled backing, which actually turned out to feel quite nice in your hand.  For all of those reasons and more, the Galaxy S5 was a phone before its time - what I mean is, Samsung rushed the Galaxy S5 to market because it had been a year since the Galaxy S4, even though the QHD display was not ready, even though the 64-bit processors were not out, and even though they had not made enough design changes to give it that WHOA factor.  I mean it's not like the Galaxy S4 really turned any heads, so why not give it a rounded back and smaller bezels like the HTC One M8 and like what LG did with their G3 - it cannot be that hard to figure that consumers were looking for a device like we saw in the renderings...I wonder if Samsung even looks at the pictures or reads the comments.

The Galaxy S5 is a good, solid device and there are many reasons why people are buying them and the research firm, Kantar, will tell us why.  The number one reason people purchased their Galaxy S5s comes as no surprise - the 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display attracted 67-percent of the buyers.  This display is the best one that Samsung has put on a device to date and it has won the praises of many labs that test displays with DisplayMate calling it the best display they have ever tested.

The Galaxy S5's LTE capability and its superior battery life were important to more than 50-percent of the buyers.  The Galaxy S5 is being sold more on the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, which I thought was interesting.  The study also shows that the iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S5 were the best selling smartphones in the U.S. during the second quarter of 2014 - again, no surprises.  It is also no surprise that the 16MP camera was NOT a reason customers made their purchase, nor was the IP67 water and dust resistant rating a factor.

It is also no secret that Samsung's tremendous advertising budget helps their cause - a whopping 61-percent of Galaxy S5 buyers saw a TV commercial about the device, while 40-percent reported that they had seen online ads.  Not only in the advertising, but when in a store to make a purchase, customers that had received a recommendation said that 64-percent of the clerks recommended a Samsung.

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