Track Your Sleep with Sense, a Glowing Sphere that Watches Over You


Having a hard time sleeping at night?  Can't figure out exactly what's causing the issue?  Hitting snooze on your alarm is never the answer to getting a better sleep, most likely because it means you woke up in the middle of a sleep cycle rather than in-between cycles.  This is where Sense comes in, a little glowing orb that sits on your night stand and promises to give you the best night's sleep you've had in a very long time.  Sense is quite simply a glowing ball of circuitry that chock full of all kinds of good sensors to see how habitable your environment is for sleep.

What sorts of sensors you ask?  An ambient light sensor monitors the amount of light present in your room, warning you if there's too much light that could potentially cause you to keep from falling into a deep, restful sleep.  Temperature and humidity sensors test for comfort level in the room, warning you if it's too hot or too cold for a good night's sleep, and also checking for high humidity levels that make the temperature worse than it needs to be.  Lastly there's a particulate sensor that sees all the bazillions of particles in the air, sensing when there are more than usual and alerting you that potential allergy problems could cause you to be rather uncomfortable.  The proximity sensor near the top of the device detects your hand as it waves above Sense, giving you a readout of current room conditions and also doubling as the snooze function if you need a little bit more sleep.


While all these sensors help detect what's keeping you from sleeping well, what about monitoring your actual sleep?  Sense has you covered here by connecting to a little button they call a sleeping pill that attaches itself to your pillow and detects movement.  This movement tells Sense when you are falling in and out of a deep sleep cycle, and is used in conjunction with the time you set to wake you up at the perfect time.  The Sleeping pill communicates with Sense via ANT, a super low energy wireless communications protocol also found on many Samsung devices.  Sense then connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and can give you more information than you thought it had by using the simple app that's included with Sense.

The app gives you a score based on how well you slept and what the environmental conditions were during your sleep.  The microphone built into Sense records any noises during the night and matches them up with your sleep cycles, so if there's a car alarm at 2AM and you were interrupted by it, Sense can tell you exactly what happened and at what time, and can even give you a recording of the detected sound.  Sense is on Kickstarter right now and actually has completed its funding as of today, but you can still jump in and become an early backer, giving you untold goodies alongside the device.  Check out the Kickstarter link below to learn all about Sense and how you can get your own.

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