TouchPico Is A Tiny Android Projector On IndieGoGo

When it comes to projectors that are affordable, less of a hassle i.e. more convenient, and more compact, there are a handful of options at your disposal. Even less if you're looking for something in that category that runs Android to get the job done. This new device currently setup as an IndieGoGo campaign for crowd funding though aims to deliver all those things in a tiny pocket sized portable package. It's called TouchPico. This little device runs Android so you'll be able to project anything for any purpose onto a wall or any other flat surface up to 80-inches in size. The TouchPico doesn't just project the image onto your designated surface though, it turns whatever your projecting the image on into a giant interactive touch display that can be used like a giant touchscreen device.

The TouchPico does this by having you interact with the wall or other surface by using the infrared stylus that comes with it. The stylus acts just like your finger would if you were touching your smartphone or tablet, so using it to present documents, spreadsheets or even powerpoint presentations can be a snap since everything can essentially be controlled like your touching it. You can even project your skype calls and utilize the TouchPico's two-way interactivity so that it can be used for conference calls or group chats.

Full use of any application should be available as the team behind TouchPico states that you can grab any application from the Play Store and use it like you would on any other device. You can even use your smartphone's touchscreen to control the actions of the TouchPico instead of the stylus. You would think something like this would be a bit large but on the contrary, it fits right in your pocket as it's about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S4, and is just a tad bit heavier than that device. Once TouchPico actually hits the market it will end up retailing for around $499, but early adopters can get in on it for $170 off that cost by donating $99 as part of the "pay later special #1". That will end up bringing your price down to $329. Or you could pledge the full amount all at once and get it for an even lower cost of  $289.

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