Top 10 Best Android Games: July 2014 Edition

AH Top 10 Games Monthly 2

Lost Toys

Lost Toys

Lost Toys is just one of those games that you have to see to believe. This visually stunning puzzler tasks you with piecing back together bits of long forgotten and used toys to make them fit into their original shape. It’s exciting and equal parts mind boggling at times but you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once you complete a level. You can grab Lost Toys for just $2.99 on the Play Store.


This isn’t your typical game simply because it’s not meant for play on Android devices, but rather uses them as a conduit for playing the games on the Chromecast. Cardcast is a take on the popular party game cards against humanity(but shhh… it’s not really like it in any way ok? We don’t want it to disappear)and is definitely one of the most fun games we have ever played. This is also most certainly a game that is NOT OK for children, so if you’re a parent be aware of that fact. For everyone of age, definitely pick this up to play for your next hosted gathering. It has seemingly all of the decks available so there should be a lot of cards to play with. You can grab Cardcast from the Play Store link.


This sidescrolling brawler takes you back to the days of games like Final Fight or Double Dragon. Although not quite the same in terms of the way the levels are set up and how your progress through them, the underlying base is there and the combat is downright awesome. You have weapons, items, armor and other equipment upgrades that you can buy once you have made enough in game cash from playing, something you’ll definitely need before you take on harder levels. The eye candy is there too, and the game is free. Be aware there are IAP but they’re in no way required. You can grab Fightback from the Play Store link.

Lionheart TacticsLionheart Tactics

Lionheart Tactics is a 3D tactical RPG similar to games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Blazing Souls Accelate from HyperDevbox. The intense storyline and character progression of an RPG are mixed together with tactical strategy/turn based combat on a grid, with hundreds of battles and a challenging world in which to face your foes and take on your rivals.There are 16 different hero classes from 3 different races, so choose your champion and begin your adventure. For Free we might add. You can grab Lionheart Tactics from the Play Store link.

Ruzzle AdventureRuzzle Adventure

Ruzzle Adventure expands on the popular original by having you complete hundreds of challenging word puzzles and takes you to over 150 levels across three different worlds. Challenge your friends and see where there progress is on the world map, and you can even play with them and ask them for assistance in game by grabbing boosters or lives from them. Attempt to conquer the leaderboards, play by yourself and go solo, and you can even practice your words and vocabulary in 12 different languages, as the game supports Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Turkish. It’s free, fun, and you can play at your own pace. Did we mention fun? You can grab Ruzzle Adventure from the Play Store link.

Sonic Jump FeverSonic Jump Fever

Sonic Jump is back with the sequel Sonic Jump Fever, another new take on the classic genre Sonic the Hedgehog. Play as memorable Sonic characters from past games and try to get the highest score possible as you attempt to reach the top of each stage. Leaderboards and achievements thanks to the Google Play Games Services make Sonic Jump Fever not only a little challenging, but also a little bit competitive and also rewarding. Best your own scores and the scores of your friends, upgrade your characters and even unlock the power of the Chao. Sonic Jump Fever is also free unlike the last game which would have cost players $0.99. You can grab Sonic Jump Fever from the Play Store link.

Indy 500 Arcade RacingINDY 500 Arcade Racing

HyperDevbox brings back the classic nostalgia of arcade style racing with Indy 500 Arcade Racing. The gameplay is retro-ish, and so is the feel of the game a little bit which is great, but the graphics are 3D and fairly modern with just a touch of classic arcade design to provide an awesomely stunning visual experience in game. The game is officially licensed from Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Firestone, which means officially licensed vehicles making this game even better. You can race in single player or challenge local rivals, and progressing will allow you to unlock new cars and special texture packs for your rides. The game will set you back $2.29 but should provide hours upon hours upon hours of enjoyment. You can grab Indy 500 Arcade Racing from the Play Store link.

Leo’s FortuneLeo's Fortune

Leo’s Fortune is the gorgeous and popular platformer that recently dropped onto the Play Store, first made popular on iOS and loved for its lush graphics and amazingly fun gameplay. Everything about this game screams vivid and beautiful. The game is tons of fun and certainly very well designed and well thought out. Embark on an adventure with Leopold to help him discover who stole his fortune of Gold coins and get his fortune back. For $4.99, you’ll have plenty of trouble putting down your device as helping this mustache toting fuzzball is engaging and addictive. You can grab Leo’s Fortune from the Play Store link.

Kritika: Chaos UnleashedKritika Chaos Unleashed

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is a hack and slash action RPG with tons of excitement that anyone who has played any of the Zenonia games should love. It has the leveling and equipment elements of an RPG but doesn’t really hold the quests part, all the same it is still amazingly fun and the graphics are wicked and fiercely attractive. Right now there are only two characters to choose from with the Cat Acrobat and the Berserker, but more are being added in future updates. There’s single player stage by stage game progression, and you can also choose to compete in wave combat or fight against other players in challenging PvP. There’s lots of loot to be had as well. Kritika: Chaos Unleashed is free and you can grab it fro the Play Store link.

Modern Combat 5: Blackoutunnamed

After a long wait Modern Combat 5: Blackout has finally arrived this morning in the Play Store. It houses the most intense and graphically advanced FPS action of any shooter so far, and promises all kinds of great features from a single player campaign to an all out war in multiplayer mode, with a unified progression system setup for your chosen character class. There are four different class types to pick from, and you even have perks and specialized weapon attachments as you level up. The game is priced at $6.99 but harbors no IAP’s whatsoever, so get to it. You can grab Modern Combat 5: Blackout from the Play Store link.