Three Judges that Approve NSA Surveillance has Stock in Verizon

AH Verizon 2.3

Here’s an interesting tid bit of news on a Monday. As we have been learning a ton more about the NSA tactics and how they are monitoring what we do and when we do them. It now appears that three judges at the FISA court own stock in Verizon. For those unaware, the FISA Court is the court that approves phone surveillance for the NSA. So that if the NSA wants to get surveillance on someone’s phone, the FISA court has to approve it. This new report coming out of Vice shows that the FISA court isn’t as neutral as it should be and needs to be. There are three judges there with Verizon stock, and one of whom signed off on the renewal of the metadata.

It’s probably worth noting that this isn’t the first time that this court has had some conflict-of-interest issues arise. Sometimes carriers will get millions from the government to get these records. So it’s unknown whether this had helped or hurt Verizon. All we know is that there are three judges that own stock in Verizon, and that’s a huge conflict-of-interest. While Verizon has indeed called for more transparency, it’s also unknown whether that’s just for show, or if it’s for real.

It may or may not have anything to do with each other, but it definitely isn’t good that this news has surfaced. As Verizon is always seen as the evil telecom, even though they may not be, they just want to make money and keep shareholders happy. Hopefully all of this gets cleared up and hopefully the judges with stock in Verizon aren’t showing favoritism towards big red. But we may never know. How many of you are surprised to see a few of the judges having stock in Verizon? Let us know in the comments below.